Go Outside and Meet Your Beloved

The wounded boy does not take the initiative to create his life.  He waits for it to come to him, expecting that it will be handed to him somehow or that he will happen upon it magically.  This magical thinking eventually results in frustration, bitterness and despair if it goes on long enough.  The man must build his life, stone by stone, creating it from a rough approximation until he grows into his true authentic life.  This new poem from Richard Palmer touches on these thoughts.


There is a boy
who lives inside a ravaged hut
He hasn’t gone outside since the Ice Age
He plays checkers in the dark
and listens to Heinrich Gorecki’s
“Song of Sadness”
Everyday he eats sardines and dreams of a woman
who is tall and slender like a birch tree
At Christmas he makes her rice pudding
with cinnamon and nutmeg,
and sets it on the hearth in hope that she will come
After many years
the boy becomes an old man,
bitter and angry that his beloved did not come
He pounds the table and shouts:
Where is my Beloved?
Where is my Beloved?

Then one day,
a voice, both sweet and strange,
blows in from the mountain
The voice says:

She is everywhere!
She is the fragrance of orange blossoms
She is the hopping squawking of crow
She is the dampness at twilight
She is the sycamore arcing across the creek
She is the whir of dragonflies
She is the cabbie driving downtown
She is the carpenter, the baker,
the children laughing and running through the sprinklers in summer
She is the fawn in a field,
She is the osprey in flight,
She is that bursting feeling in your chest from so much beauty
She is everywhere!
Go outside
Meet your Beloved!
She is everywhere!

Richard Palmer, 6/17/15

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